The KwaZulu-Natal Society of Arts

Following an amazing movie night with an equally amazing group of girls, Rebecca and I found ourselves at the KZNSA gallery nestled in the heart of suburban Glenwood. Truly there isn’t a better way to spend a Sunday morning than with good food (PSA: the bacon muffin at the Arts Cafe’ is a must!!!), great coffee, and gorgeous art.

The gallery itself is a treasure trove of local artwork, but what really captured my heart was the Fotobooth #aportraitproject. The project is geared toward representing the unique culture and people of Durban, initiating important discussions of our mutual customs, habits, similarities, and differences as a community.

I was moved by the sincerity of the project, so naturally, I persuaded (read: coerced) Rebecca to go along with me. The in-house photographer, @llwellynmakhanya, was sensational! See Rebecca and I both hate having our picture taken, and sensing our timidness he made sure to make us feel as comfortable as possible. He showed us a few sample picture and asked how we wanted to go about this, and suddenly I saw an opportunity I wasn’t about to pass up.

This was it, my one and only chance to be taller than Rebecca! The idea alone had us howling with laughter, but it gave birth to photographs that capture the essence of the friendship Rebecca and I share: a story of love and laughter bound together by faith.

Here’s to a wonderful photographer and a much-needed project! Thank you for giving our community a platform to express and explore our unity in diversity.

P.S. For more information about the Fotobooth, be sure to hit up the KZNSA website!


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